Jade strives to empower cannabis companies with visibility into every aspect of their operations through innovative and easy to use technology.


Jade strives to facilitate the revolutionary growth of the US Cannabis business and to spread that growth and wealth to those who historically have not had access to it. We aim to create ground breaking data tools for the cannabis industry that will allow business owners to run their business smooth and successfully
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The Elephant

A Jade Elephant represents good fortune and symbolizes the ability to strengthen power, love or luck. It is also believed to be a healing agent dating back to 10,000 BC. They have also been said to symbolize the ability to protect a home, inspire intelligence, dignity, longevity, vitality, power, strength, wisdom, prominence and grant wishes.


The two founders, though going to college together, were coincidentally reunited on a client consulting project where they came up with the idea for Jade. Jacobi, a cannabis data specialist, dealt with multiple clients with recurring problems that just so happened to be Dylan’s specialty as a Business Intelligence consultant. Dylan has built BI dashboards for top 10 corporate fortune 500 hundred companies, startups and non-profits. It was apparent early on they were on to something with their respective skill sets, passion and drive.

Jacobi Holland

CEO & Co-Founder

Jacobi has been working in the Colorado legal cannabis space for 3 years. He has learned how operations work from the inside out; past work includes, room design, wholesale management, extraction operations, medical and adult-use outlets. As a consultant at Dutch Compass, Jacobi helps his clients bring their cannabis data to life by extracting from legacy software, building custom applications, website analytics and more. He has also been selected to help the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) improve their tracking system and has been working with METRC and the state for 2 years.

Dylan Cruise

CTO & Co-Founder

Dylan is a business-savvy consultant focusing on data visualization, architecture and strategy. Having consulted for some of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies as well as non-profits and startups, Dylan has helped bring innovation and expertise to all sorts of industries and organizations. With a passion for the marijuana business, he is now focusing on bridging the gap between technology innovations and a budding industry.